Art Deco And Fashion, All You Need To Know

Art Deco And Fashion, All You Need To Know art deco style
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Art Deco is an international decorative art movement. It is a modern name on a decorative art and architectural style. Art Deco consists of theatrical, classical styles, and photoshop symmetrical, rectilinear form.

Where did Art Deco originated from?

It originated in Paris in the 1920s, just before the World War I. It has become a style worldwide.

Characteristics of Art Deco

Rectangular blocks were arranged in a geometric pattern. They were then broken up by curbs’ ornamental elements. Art Deco modernised every single element.

Like: Paintings, Cars, Jewellery, Architecture, Books, Vases, Movies, Graphics and Fashion.

These things were transformed in art deco style to give a more luxurious look.

The formal elegance of the fashion, the outstanding nature of the fabrics, and the delicate combination of colours with abstract motifs were all characteristics of this form.

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Art Deco Fashion

In the 1920’s women’s fashion was completely changed from what was before the war, as Art Deco was introduced in the fashion industry.

The cloche hat, which was worn with a short brim, was an essential part of Flapper fashion. Zigzag patterns were used in the Art Deco era.

Hats were soo small to keep the head small and to reject the idea of this big cartwheel hats of the pre-war era. These hats were known as cloche plush hats which is a French word for bell

Women  wore  low-heeled shoes with small buttons on the laces, which were essential for the Charleston dance without losing shoes.

  • Shift Dress
  • Fully bare arms (for the first time since ancient Greece)
  • Drop Waist
  • Hemline to knees or mid calf, depending on how daring one was
  • Visible legs for the first time ever.
  • Stockings

About that time It wasn’t about appearing feminine in this style. It had a very sleek silhouette, with no waist and no curves. Curves were outdated, and this was a modern woman. Flappers were a stylised in the deco style.

The bride wore short skirts which were coming from around 1924 to 1927. And have the look of a flapper dress with an uneven hemline and a lower neckline.

Color Palette of the 20’s

We’d see a lot of scarlet, crimson, and red. There are a lot of gold blues, Egyptian blues, black, and yellow. They were bold and expressive.

This shimmering stuff was really new and exciting and different

Another aspect of the 20’s headwear were the decorative headbands or fancy scarves.

Style icon of the 20’s

Louise Brooks

The woman of that era idealised her. She was an American film actress and a dancer.

20’s fashion echoed the art deco aesthetic, which in turn threw away all old ideas in the wake of ww1 and embraced modernity with clean lines and geometric common sense. Female fashion also spoke directly to “the new woman who could vote work and enjoy” the 20th century.

Designer of the Decade

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Gabriel Coco Chanel – She believed that women’s clothing should be comfortable and convenient enough for them to work and travel in. She changed the way people thought about clothes by proving that you could be trendy and minimalist at the same time.

She used the new Jersey fabric, which had been rejected by others, to combine ease and practicality with beauty and elegance.  She also gave us the little black dress.: A string of pearls, a hat, a boa, 20’s makeup, a glass of champagne makes up the 20’s look.

Another designer of the era was Erte – (1892-1990) was a master of the Art Deco style who worked as a fashion illustrator and stage set designer in Russia. Dresses and accessories for women, costumes and sets for opera, dance, and dramatic works, and posters and prints were among his creations.

Deco was seen on all types of decorative arts as well on appliances and daily objects too.

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Art Deco style

The movement came to its decline when the second World War started. It became a part of the history in a day and night. Art Deco can be seen as an intermediate era between two wars.

Art Deco is trending again now.

We are now living in the 2021, Could it be the rise of a modern era of art deco?

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